Brad’s Bicycle shop_CVP Analysis



Exercise 7-30

Bicycle shop sells 21-speed bicycles. For the purposes of a cost-volume profit
analysis, the shop owner has divided sales into two categories, as follows:

Product type Sales Price Invoice
cost Sales Commission

High quality $1,250 $540 $80

Quality 620 320 70

percent of the shop’s sales are medium quality bikes. The shop’s annual fixed
expenses are $226,000.


1. Compute the unit contribution margin
for each product type.

2. What is shop’s sales mix?

3. Compute the weighted average unit
contribution margin, assuming a constant sales mix.

4. What is the shop’s breakeven sales
volume in dollars? Assume a constant sales mix.

5. How many bicycles of each type must
be sold to earn a target income of $117,000? Assume a constant sales mix.


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