Carly Riccardi and her mother Nancy own and operate FreezeTime, Inc



“Systems Flowcharts

Carly Riccardi and her mother Nancy own and operate FreezeTime, Inc., a company specializing in freeze-drying flowers from clients ‘memorable events, such as proms and weddings. The company not only freezes the flowers, but also presents them in a variety of display packages. Each of these packages includes materials such as glass and frames that FreezeTime purchases from local suppliers. In addition to supplies for display, the company purchases office supplies and packaging materials from several vendors. FreezeTime uses a low-end accounting software package to prepare documents and reports. As employees note a need for supplies and materials, they inform Carly or Nancy, who act as office manager and company accountant. Either Carly or Nancy enters order information into the accounting system and creates a purchase order that they fax to the supplier. Occasionally, Carly or Nancy will also call the supplier if there is something special about the product ordered. When ordered materials and supplies arrive at FreezeTime’s small factory, either Carly or Nancy checks the goods received against a copy of the purchase order and enters the new inventory into the computer system Nancy pays bills twice each month, on the first and the fifteenth. She checks the computer system for invoices outstanding, and verifies that the goods have been received. She then enters any information needed to produce printed checks from the accounting system. FreezeTime mails checks and printed remittance advices (portions of the vendor bill to be returned) to suppliers.
1) Prepare a systems flowchart for FreezeTime’spurchase and payment process.


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