Cyrus Brown wants to develop a cash budget for his



To avoid any uncertainty regarding his business’ financing needs at the time when such needs may arise, Cyrus Brown wants to develop a cash budget for his latest venture. He has estimated the following sales forecast for CBM over the next 9 months.
March $110,000 April $275,000 May $320,000 June $450,000 July $700,000 August $700,000 Sept $825,000 Oct $500,000 Nov $115,000
He has also gathered the following collection estimates regarding the forecast sales:
>Payment collection within the month of sale =25%
>Payment collection the month following sales =55%
>Payment collection the second month following sales =20%

Payments for direct manufacturing costs like raw materials and labor are made during the month that follows the one in which such costs have been incurred. These costs are estimated as follows:
March $187,500 April $206,250 May $375,000 June $337,000 July $431,000 Aug $640,000 Sept $395,000
Oct $425,000
Addition financial info is as follows:
>administrative salaries will approximately amount to $35,000 a month
>Lease payments around $15,000 a month
>depreciation charges $15,000 a month
>A one time new plant investment in the amount of $95,000 is expected to be incurred and paid in June
>income tax payments estimated to be around $55,000 will be due in both June and September
>Misc costs are estimated to be around $10,000 a month
>cash on hand on March 1 will be around $50,000 and a minimum cash balance of $50,000 shall be on hand at all times.

I need a guide for a monthly cash budget


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