Devry ACCT553 week 1 homework



Tom and Linda are married taxpayers who file a joint return.
They have itemized deductions of $11,950 and four exemptions. Assuming an
adjusted gross income of $40,000.00 what is their taxable income for 2011?

Compute Marie’s taxable income for 2011, assuming she is
single and claims two dependent children. Her adjusted gross income is $70,000,
and she has itemized deductions of $9,000.

Compute Stanley’s taxable income for 2011, assuming he has
$1,000 in wages from working in a grocery store and $2,000 in interest income
from some bonds he owns. Stanley, age 16, is claimed as a dependent on his
parents’ return.

Mr. Z, a non-dealer, sold assets on an installment plan.
Determine Mr. Z’s gross income for 2011. Relevant data include:

Comprehensive Problem

Bill is a cash-basis,
calendar-year taxpayer. Which of the following December items result in gross
income or deductions for the current year?

a. Check received for
December rent, $700, not deposited until January 4

b. Check for $1,100 to pay Bill’s state
income taxes mailed December 28, cashed January 7

c. Cash received in the amount of $500 for
services to be rendered the following year

d. Interest of $800 credited to his savings
account, added to Bill’s account balance

e. Check received for January rent, $700,
deposited on January 9

f. Charitable contribution of $300, charged
on Bill’s MasterCard

g. Bills totaling $2,000 sent for services
rendered during the year, uncollected as of year-end


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