Gb580 Unit 3 assignment



Unit 3 Assignment

Course Outcomes practiced in this Assignment:

GB580-1: Analyze the business environment to identify opportunities and threats.
GB580-2: Formulate strategies that benefit organizational performance by applying
leadership skills.
GB580-3: Complete a strategic business analysis for an international company.


IKEA Case Study

Please read the IKEA case that you purchased for this class from Harvard Business
School. In the case, you will review the organizational, business, and managerial levels
of strategy making. )or the first part of this assignment you will need to Eriefly summari]e
the case. 7hen you will analy]e the case and formulate recommendations utili]ing supporting
materials from the assigned readings from the unit. Your analysis should address the following:

1. What were the sources of IKEA’s successful entry in furniture retailing in Sweden?

2. How important was internationalization to IKEA? What challenges did IKEA face
while expanding internationally, and how did it overcome them?

3. What were the management processes by which IKEA coordinated and controlled its
Europe wide operations? How effective were they?

4. What was Ingvar Kamprad’s role in IKEA development?

5. What challenges lie ahead for IKEA? Recommend a course of action Anders Moberg
should follow to deal with them?

Submit your completed Assignment to the Unit 3: Individual Assignment Dropbox.


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