Image you are a sales representative for



Image you are a sales representative for Miller Candy Company. As the sales representative, a customer inquires about purchasing some candy. The candy will be given to the members of a high school program which supports preventing substance abuse. The candy will be handed out by members of the high school program who will be participating in a community parade to children watching the parade. The customer would like you to sell the candy at a 30% discount. In order to help make your decision, the contribution margin ratio of the candy at normal selling price is 40%.


List the pros and cons of granting the customer their request. In addition, state the recommendation you would present to your sales manager about this request.

Please prepare the request in memo form according to APA guidelines. The memo should be one full page in length.

Grading Rubric – Total Points 60

Provided the pros and cons for the customer’s request 20 points

Provided the recommendation to sales manager 20 points

Prepared memo according to APA guidelines 10 points

Memo met the required page length 5 points

Memo free of spelling and grammar errors 5 points


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