Kaplan University AC 504 Unit 6 Assignment (Final Research Paper)



Assignment: Final Research Paper

In recent years, there has been an effort to develop a
common set of accounting standards for nations and firms doing business around
the world. For the final project, you are to discuss how the effort for a
global set of accounting standards has increased the motivation or need to
establish a global set of ethical standards. Include in your discussion the
history of the 1) U.S. (AICPA) and 2) international ethical standards (IFAC).
How are the U.S. and the international community developing a common set of
ethical standards? What are some of the challenges faced by the two governing

The paper is to be 8–10 pages (of content) long and prepared
in accordance with APA guidelines. There should also be a 1–2 paragraph
abstract and a bibliography showing a significant variety of current, relevant
sources that are used and cited in the paper.


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