P 10-51_Bridges Wholesale Company_Journal entries and Computations



Bridges Wholesale Company
incurred the following costs in 2015 for a warehouse acquired on July 1, 2015,
the beginning of its fiscal year:

of land ……. $132,000 Landscaping….. $31,000
of building….. $528,000 Property tax for period prior to
acquisition….. $10,000
and repairs prior to occupancy $58,200 Real
estate commission …… $40,000
fee…. $ 12,000

The company signed a
non-interest-bearing note for on July 1, 2015. The implicit interest rate is
compounded semiannually. Payments of are to be made semiannually beginning
December 31, 2015, for 10 years.

Give the required journal entries to record
the acquisition of the land and building (assume that cash is paid to equalize
the cost of the assets and the present value of the note) and

the first two semiannual payments, including amortization of note discount.


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