Peachtree Complete Accounting Problem



Peachtree Complete Accounting allows for roles to be assigned as sales reps or vendor reps. give your opinion on what other role assignments should be available for employees in Peachtree Complete Accounting. Explain why the additional role would be valuable for management at the company for which you currently work (or would like to work). Explain your rationale.
• Identify and discuss one (1) challenge in maintaining employee data in Peachtree Complete Accounting, how the identified challenge can be addressed, and how the successful mitigation of the challenge will benefit management.
• Identify and discuss one (1) challenge in maintaining inventory data in Peachtree Complete Accounting and discuss how you would address the challenge personally.
• Examine at least two (2) ways that user security addresses the purpose of internal control, and discuss why internal control is essential for any business to execute correctly. Evaluate whether the controls are sufficient to minimize the risk of breaches in the integrity of the data. Provide specific examples to support your response.


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