Follow the link below and answer the
following questions.”>

What kind of business (industry / area of
commerce) is the company involved in?

Samsung is the world’s leading electronic
company that specializes in digital media and technological discovery. In the
beginning Samsung business was simple.
The electronic industry as we know it today was small and moving as at a
snail’s pace. But in today’s market with a more global focus commerce, Samsung
game plan had to adapt. Samsung’s
industry has grown to every household, business, government, transportation, and
medical market. Not to mention E-Commerce.

What kind of statistics information did you
find? List them if there’s more than one kind. Describe each as to origin (how
do you think the data was obtained) and type of measurement.

Because of the diversity of Samsung
Electronics their statistically model of growth continued to increase year by

Sales by Region(KRW trillion)

Proportion of Sales by Region 2009 2010 2011

America 28.8% 33.8 43.5 47.5

Europe 23.7% 35.1 36.0 39.1

Asia 17.4%
27.1 24.9 28.8

Korea 16.1% 21.9 25.9 26.5

China 14.0% 23.8 24.3 23.1

(“Samsung electronics
sustainability,” 2012)

To what division of the company is the
statistics information you found related? (Marketing, Finances, Production,
etc.) Marketing and Finance is both
heavily related in the information.

Give a brief opinion as to what this
information is probably used for, and what reasons the firm might have to post
it on its web page.


Samsung electronics sustainability report 2012.
(2012). Retrieved from Facts & Figures – Samsung


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