Assignment 4.1 Food Transportation



Assignment 4.1 Food Transportation

As food production became more industrialized during the 20th century, more and more energy has been expended to store food and ship to market. In the United States today, food travels an average of 1,400 miles from the field to your table! The price we pay for food covers the cost of this long-distance transportation, which was $1 per ton per mile back in 2004. Assuming the average person eats 2 pounds of food per day; calculate the food transportation costs for each category below. You will have to determine and include the population size of your Hardeeville, South Carolina, and the United States (use or as a web source to find each population size. If in doubt, use the official 2010 figures, but any estimated year will also work).

Consumer Size Daily Cost Annual Cost
You One $1.40 $511
Your class      
Your hometown      
Your state      
United States      


One way to cut the miles travelled of food is to seek out local sources. There is a brief section about CSA and Farmer’s Markets in your text.

In addition to completing the table, please answer the following questions:

  1. Is Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA)* available in your community?
  2. If so, is there a single name for the organization or is there a consortium?
  3. Does your community have farmer’s markets*?
    1. If so, how many, and are there any in your neighborhood or immediate area that you could access?
    2. How are they supported? For example: local extension office, a farmer’s cooperative, a non-profit, church or community organization.


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