Childhood Obesity


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Childhood Obesity


My Project is on Childhood Obesity part 1 is attached and part 2 is a PowerPoint based on part 1 cutting and pasting text and adding a few pictures. Both part 1 and sample part 2 are attached below.
Use the content from your Project #2 Part 1 and create a 10-15 page PowerPoint presentation.
These slides will be used as the presentation of your arguments to your classmates.
Submit your PowerPoint Presentations by Sunday at 11:59 PM.
1. Develop a PowerPoint Presentation that has a total of 10-15 slides that highlight your major arguments from Project #2 Part 1.
2. Within the presentation, you should have slides that address the following:
Title, your name, date
An introduction slide
The harms
The Inherency
The Plan
The Solvency
The Advantages
A concluding slide
Be mindful that one of your peers will be using your presentation as the basis for a future assignment.
This assignment is worth 10% of your overall course grade.
Do not merely cut and paste your outline from Project #2 Part 1 into the slides.
Cite your sources (See Sample)
Follow the guidelines for Creating An Effective PowerPoint Presentation
Use the SAMPLE as a guide. Project 2 part 2 SAMPLE.pptx

Use PowerPoint (do not use Prezi because it does not adhere to Accessibility standards)


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