Developing a Preliminary Analysis.



Developing a Preliminary Analysis.


Developing a Preliminary Analysis

The parents of a middle school student, John Brandon, have sued the Gould School District. In June of last year, after classes ended for the day, John was walking across the Gould Middle School parking lot when a car driven by the parent of a fellow student hit and seriously injured him. The parking lot is located in front of the school’s primary buildings. The school does not employ or assign employees to monitor the parking lot at any time. The school has installed and maintains video surveillance cameras. However, these cameras face and are directed towards the entrance to the school’s administration building.

John’s parents claim the school district owes a special duty of care to its students and is liable for negligence for failing to properly monitor the parking lot. Your supervising attorney would like you to research this issue.

  1. Conduct a preliminary factual analysis of the Brandon case using the questions of Who, What, Where, and When. See the sample chart in Chapter 1 of theĀ Course Reader.
  2. As part of your preliminary analysis, identify the area of law and briefly; summarize the legal issue(s).
  3. List the key legal and factual terms (including possible synonyms) that would be useful for researching the issue you’ve identified.


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