Assignment 3 (1 page)(the essay is attached)

1. your reason /thesis.

2. proved a quote/source that relates to your reason

3. explain what the quote .source means in your words.

4. connect how the source supports your reason /thesis.

A formal outline gives you the opportunity to lay out possible organizations for your essay as related to your thematic cluster. You should experiment with how you arrange and order your ideas and resources in the outline. This typically formalistic piece of academic writing will be used to help you develop the most logical and accessible rhetorical strategy for your audience. You will revise this outline as your essay progresses so that it reflects the updated strategies and materials of your developing composition.

1 page

The second Assignment  is to write Research Paper with all info on how to write

Assignment 4


Source (citation) use 10 books and write  4 sentences for the source of each book, it should be connected to your topic healthy food and workout.

Summarize the contact of the source (1-4 sentences) how your source is connected to your thesis (are sentence ).

A reading list and annotated bibliography that provides 10 books, articles, audio, video, or any other sources that you may use for your research paper. For each source, provide one to three sentences explaining what the source is. Make sure to include books and articles among the 10 sources. If you can write each source using the proper MLA or APA format for the works cited page, that is fine. This assignment will inform your investigation regarding an interest you have or something you like based upon the thematic cluster you addressed. You will visit the library to attend workshops on information technology as well as learn how to use resources related to library research. In writing the précis for the annotated bibliography, you will learn to summarize, paraphrase, and use direct quotes. You likewise will understand the discourse that surrounds your inquiry question.


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