INTL 440 Cyber Warfare Week 4



INTL 440 Cyber Warfare Week 4


Cyber Tactics
Many security experts argue that their primary concern isn’t hardware or software. It’s peopleware. Successful attacks often rely on some form of social engineering either to obtain access information or for the attack itself. Phishing, in particular, has become a growing concern. Research a phishing technique, including an actual case example if possible, and provide a brief summary discussing:

(a) the ruse employed
(b) the target (bank account access, identify theft, etc.)
(c) how successful it was
(d) whether the perpetrators were ever identified and prosecuted
(e) what countermeasures might have blocked the attack
After doing some research on the more notorious virus, worm, or spyware attacks in the last few years, choose one and post a brief one-paragraph summary discussing:

(a) the name of the malware and category (virus, worm, etc.)
(b) target operating system
(c) the malware’s tactic for infecting a victim PC
(d) effect on an infected system
(e) how many computers were infected over what time period
(f) malware author, if known, and whether s/he was ever
apprehended and successfully prosecuted

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 500 words.


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