managerial accounting question



1. Whats the role of managerial accountant in todays business environment and
how if any has the role changed over time?

2. In regards to cost allocation what really drives the consumption of those
costs and what drives and how does it help with such allocation process?

3. Variance analysis receives some criticism as a performance measure. What
about other measures such as ROI and EVA?
Variance analysis compares actual performance to budgeted performance in the
areas of material, labor and overheads. If the results of a business unit show
all positive variances, should the manager be rewarded for excellent
performance? A simple counter argument can be-what if the manager had padded
his business unit’s budget?
Video 1: Performance Management & Evaluation:
Video 2: Return on Investment-ROI:
Video 3: Economic value added-EVA:


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