Pran Ltd has 3 shareholders.



Pran Ltd has 3 shareholders.


Pran Ltd has 3 shareholders: Apex with 10 shares, Bata with 20 shares, and Cats Eye with 70 Shares.

Cats Eye wants to appoint his daughter, Anne, as the sole director of the company. Anne is currently living in Israel. Anne was recently released from prison after serving a 6-month sentence for stealing money from her former employer to pay her gambling debts. Cats eye also wants to change the company constitution to provide for any directors to only be able to be appointed with his consent. Bata is unhappy about Cats Eye’s plans and instead wants Cats Eye removed as a director of the company.

How can Anne be appointed as a director?

Are there any legal impediments to Anne being appointed as a director?

How can Cats eye be removed as a director?

Would your answers to any of the previous questions be any different if the company was a public company?


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