These questions are for Law School.



These questions are for Law School.


These questions are for Law School, legal writing. Sentence structure.

Directions: Diagnose the sentence structure errors and state what the errors are (for example, “faulty parallelism”). Then correct sentence.

  1. A social host may be liable for the consequences of a guest’s drunken driving if the host directly serves the alcohol, continues serving after the guest is visibly drunk, and knowing that the guest will soon be driving home.
  2. Her innovative programming drastically increased attendance at the youths programs.
  3. The firm entered into a two-year contract with Ms. Taylor, who introduced several new products which increased sales and earned her an “employee of the year” award.
  4. By silencing you, I believe your teacher violated your First Amendment rights.
  5. The trial court, in dismissing Mann’s complaint under Rule 12(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, stated that it was not necessary to decide the merits of the defendant’s argument.
  6. The defendant’s acting with deliberate indifference is the second requirement.
  7. Robertson granted visitation rights to Ms. Cavallo after she had abandoned Julia, abused another child, and she had committed heinous acts of abuse against Julia.
  8. Although the settlement will probably not result in the compensation of your damages to the same extent as that which would occur if you prevail at a formal hearing, it is a much quicker and more flexible process.
  9. Only when the court would be interfering in inherently ecclesiastical matters and the court would be excessively entangled in Church matters will a church be able to avoid state laws.
  10. By firing you, your contract was violated.


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