topez inc_Standard Costing_Variance analysis



topez inc makes one product and has set the following standard 4 material and labor/standard quanity or hr per unit- direct material=7 pound- direct labor=2.5 hrs/ standard price or rate 7 pound- direct labor=9.00 per hr/ standardcost per unit direct material direct labor=22.50 / during the past month the company purchase 6000 pound of direct material at a cost of 16.500/ all of this material was used in the production of 1,400 unit of labor cost total 28.500 4 the monuth/ material quanity variance=1.200 u total material spending variance= 300 labor efficiency varience=4500 f/ I need to prepare and compute the standard price per pound 4 material/ I need to compute the standard quanity allowed 4 material for the month production I need to comute the standard quanity of material allowed per unit of products


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